I am, learning every day. is my digital playground, here i can try new tech i like.
Fullstack development and security are what i (currently) find most interresting.
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Everything should be as easy as possible and not easier.


I am, avoiding bright lights

I like to play with LAMP stacks. Running on 8000 bogomips or just a Raspberry both offer plenty of dev fun. My favourite languages are PHP , CSS , jQuery , HTML and (little) Bash combine this with Debian / lots of coffee and ... view my projects for some of the results

Feedback would be greatly appriciated. Are you that bored you feel like collaborating, please contact me.


I try to be

The only way to be "sure" is to do a lot of testing , i like to test and improve my own systems. View my security blogs for more..

He who sacrfices freedom for security deserves neither